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Business goes Amazon

Amazon Handmade…….I made the jump – have you? Many have been on Etsy for a number of years selling your wares.  Now Amazon offers a site for handmade items where you can sell handmade items after being approved through a review process by Amazon.  The application form takes approximately thirty minutes to complete. It requires photos of your completed items and an explanation of the creation process of your work. It takes a few days to receive approval.  Once you obtain approval to sell on Amazon Handmade your work really begins!

I was so excited the first week I had three sales and couldn’t believe it!  I was hoping it would just keep me busy every week and increase as I went.  But, I have learned very rapidly that with anything on the internet you really have to work with communication and promoting your own site and products. You wonder what that includes for me?  Well here is my list:

  • business Facebook page
  • personal Facebook page
  • Instagram posts
  • Pinterest
  • Blog posts
  • sharing and commenting on others social media
  • advertising
  • ratings on the best adwords to use
  • education, education, education

Is this a full time job?  OMG! It is a real balance between promotion, designing and customer service. Amazon and Etsy have good tutorials and do their best.  But, you have to make sure you do your part. You have to figure out where best to promote your items and connect with those who are looking for them.

I am finding with this blog that what started out one direction is really better if I develop it in another direction.  I am finding, interestingly, that people in their late 50’s are not really working to understand how to promote and grow their cottage business. So what do I do?  Any suggestions? What is your age group for your work? Who follows your blogs?  Has your focus changed?  Let’s help each other.

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