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PhD or NOT????

PhD or Not —–That has been the looming question for me over the last six months. I have continued writing and trying to keep my head around the literature review, research design and working with my chair.  But, do I really need to have a PhD any more?  I am retired and working in my studio and loving every minute that I am there creating.  I’m 57 years old and I don’t think that I will ever go back to higher education.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this topic.  It has been interesting as my college friends say – ABSOLUTELY FINISH and my other friends say DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

What do I do………..


3 thoughts on “PhD or NOT????

  1. What made you consider doing a PhD when you started? What was your motivation? Earlier, I didn’t understand why people who have retired would go back to school to get their PhD. Especially as I was getting a PhD for a specific reason – to teach. One of my co-PhD students has retired from working, but is on the same track as me to get his PhD. I learned from him that his motivation was to learn more deeply in the area he worked and retired from. It was to satisfy the desire of learning. After he graduates, he’s happy to work part-time as a lecturer, or consultant. He doesn’t want to be too busy, but busy enough. I worked a couple years at the beginning of my PhD, and realized that it is actually more helpful and valuable to have some practical experience and knowledge for the PhD, something I lacked before working. My first reaction to your question was, finish for the sake of finishing. But I then realized that isn’t always the correct answer. You should really consider what you want from it, and if it really is worth it. Maybe your path or goals have changed since starting the PhD. And quitting doesn’t equal to failure. It just means that you’ve acknowledged the changes, and are taking steps to be most effective in moving in the new direction. No point in slowing yourself down to go in the direction you are meant to go in. And it doesn’t mean you wasted your time in the PhD, either. Perhaps it was needed for some aspect of your life. It’s also possible that the hardship or stress of the PhD is making you question doing the PhD. Even though I do very much want to teach, I do have days I wonder if it is all worth it, and maybe it would have been fine if I just continued working in industry after getting my Masters. But after I give myself some time, I get back to it with my goal ahead of me. So, it all depends 😉 Good luck in making your decision, and for the direction you choose to go in!

    1. You have made all the wonderful points I have considered. I started the program to advance my career and administrative position and it was very motivational to continue learning while I was working. However, now that I have retired I really do not have the same desires. The difficult part is that I don’t quit on things! However, this damn dissertation is already on its 3rd year and without motivation it is very difficult to continue. 🙁

      1. I understand. I don’t quit things, either… but there have been times I have regretted not quitting sooner. So whatever you decide, just try to think about how you’ll feel about it in the future 😉

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