A lifelong learner… A SPONGE! An artist…..Love CREATING!  Mother of two wonderful adult children and new GRAM! That’s me. Plus…..

I retired from higher education as an administrator for distance education just 11 months ago. I am still trying to complete my PhD in Higher Education. I have been a business owner and co-founder of both a retail business and a manufacturing company. My life has been filled with voulenteerism through coaching, teaching art and working with the local United Way. Now is time for sharing my experiences for others to learn and to DESIGN my new life.

Come along on this journey with me. At 56, I feel like I have a new release on life and want to make it wonderful and use the talents I have been blessed with.  What do you want from life, from others, and what do you expect of yourself?

My desire is to design my life, days, activities and understand our blessings through the posts and pages.

Become a part of my life…………join me!