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Time To Be Creative

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Painting set up

Our world has come together during the past few weeks like never before seen.  While much of the world is closing down, each of us has moved to the internet for our work, education and personal connections. We all need those connections and communication. With that being said, let us all allow ourselves to have time to self-reflect and let those creative juices flow!

My plans are to begin really learning Procreate, Illustrator and Photoshop.  Why??? Because I want to be able to design with my watercolors to create sublimation designs to be printed on T-shirts.  I will keep you posted how things are going with that.

Now, what about YOU???IMG_2459

What hobbies have you been putting off? What craft have you wanted to learn how to do?  NOW IS THE TIME!!!!  I spent the last four weeks painting miniature watercolors and exploring PINTREST  for Easter ideas. 

Craft with your kids that are home from school. Visit Glued To My Crafts and make some mermaid puppets.  Do some old fashion play outside with your kids building forts and playing the old games like duck-duck goose or ring-around-the-rosie.

Let us know what you are doing during the down time and what you wished you had help with!!!

If you really want to have fun and spread the word go to our Facebook page and post your pics


Field Day Design Fun


It’s that time of year!  School Field Days are being planned all across the country.  My design came about after a grandma didn’t want her grand kids to go without school shirts because they were a day late in ordering.  What grandma’s don’t do for their littles!!!! Designing began with trying to be similar with colors and design. But, not exactly to the design so there is no infringement.  Here is the design I came up with.

So, for all of you cricut users the design is free of charge just by following my blog.  I am hoping to start doing more designing and offering free designs monthly at this point.

You wonder where this designing comes from…..hahahah…..well I have been drawing since I was little, sitting in the back yard at my Bushia’s house (Polish for grandma). I would go there every day after school while my parents worked. From there I started my education in college toward a mechanical engineering degree that turned into an art degree.  Yep, a BA in painting and now, after retiring I am finally enjoying the ability to use what I learned.  However, if you are any sort of artist, you know you never really stop being one, you just don’t always have full attention to the one thing that you must have in your life to be fully fulfilled.  So…now I will be able to share and do what I love.  I hope all of you Cricut users enjoy this design. Please like my Facebook page and share your creations.

For free design click on the link below.

field day

Free Cricut Design

Business goes Amazon

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Amazon Handmade…….I made the jump – have you? Many have been on Etsy for a number of years selling your wares.  Now Amazon offers a site for handmade items where you can sell handmade items after being approved through a review process by Amazon.  The application form takes approximately thirty minutes to complete. It requires photos of your completed items and an explanation of the creation process of your work. It takes a few days to receive approval.  Once you obtain approval to sell on Amazon Handmade your work really begins!

I was so excited the first week I had three sales and couldn’t believe it!  I was hoping it would just keep me busy every week and increase as I went.  But, I have learned very rapidly that with anything on the internet you really have to work with communication and promoting your own site and products. You wonder what that includes for me?  Well here is my list:

  • business Facebook page
  • personal Facebook page
  • Instagram posts
  • Pinterest
  • Blog posts
  • sharing and commenting on others social media
  • advertising
  • ratings on the best adwords to use
  • education, education, education

Is this a full time job?  OMG! It is a real balance between promotion, designing and customer service. Amazon and Etsy have good tutorials and do their best.  But, you have to make sure you do your part. You have to figure out where best to promote your items and connect with those who are looking for them.

I am finding with this blog that what started out one direction is really better if I develop it in another direction.  I am finding, interestingly, that people in their late 50’s are not really working to understand how to promote and grow their cottage business. So what do I do?  Any suggestions? What is your age group for your work? Who follows your blogs?  Has your focus changed?  Let’s help each other.

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Welcome to the beginning!

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Welcome to the first day of Eighth Avenue Design. A way to share our experiences apostnd take a journey together. Let’s begin our journey today. Let’s share our challenges, accomplishments, failures, successes, and creations. It’s my hope for Eighth Avenue Design to be a place of sharing, caring, educating, and growing with each other through all stages of our lives.  What are your interests, questions and dreams?  Let’s share each day’s beauty and challenges. . . . . . . no matter what they are…………………..



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