Family Christmas Snowman Ornament; Handmade Snowman Family Christmas Ornament

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Personalized Snowman 1st Christmas Ornament or Family Ornament handmade with polymer clay to meet your family dynamics. We will even add fur-babies that are all a part of our families. Time to think about those ornament gifts for your family members or special friends. Ornament measures approximately 4" x 5" for 3 members and hangs from a coordinating bowed ribbon. Size will increase slightly as more is added up to approximately 6" x 5". Snowmen will become smaller. For a LARGE family we would look at creating ornament with snowman heads only. Different facial and hair features are added to each snowman. Different color hair, scarves and hats are made for each family member. Base of ornament is personalized with family name and year for a first Christmas. For a family ornament we will include individual family member names. NOTE: When ordering please include any fur-babies as a snowman for pricing purposes. Completed ornament is received in an ornament gift box. Allow 1-3 weeks delivery for customer order. As we get closer to Christmas expect delivery to be closer to the 4 weeks.