Quality Watercolor and Mixed Media Print of Coastal Landscape

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The print features a beautiful sandy beach with waves crashing on the shore created from rice papers textures. The watercolor washes blend seamlessly to create a depiction of the sea, with shades of blue and purples creating a sense of depth and movement in the water. The beach is also captured with sand scattered across the shore, with rice paper and watercolor creating movement.

In the foreground, a Killdeer is depicted, standing on the sand. The bird's brown and white plumage is portrayed with delicate brushstrokes, giving it a soft and almost feather-like appearance. Its long beak and black eyes are also visible, adding to the feel and emotion of the print.

Colors may be slightly off from print because of lighting and computer screens.

Image size:11" x 5"

Prints are signed and numbered consecutively with the next print to be sold is 4/10

Option available includes white matting and core back for the print with a 2 1/2" border around.

Order will ship within 3-5 business days.