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Time for Learning

The flowers and trees are blooming in Michigan giving a sense of rebirth, renewal, and regenerating.  Everyone needs this time to renew soul, obtain new knowledge, renew friendships…….what comes to your mind? For me it is becoming re-energized after a long cold winter.  It is time for learning something new and spreading our wings to new challenges, to growth.

Last week I posed the question to my FACEBOOK friends at EighthAvenueDesign what they would like to learn how to do.  What a fun question!  What would you answer? Take a minute and write it down on a piece of paper.

I’m waiting to give you some time…………… it!

So some of the answers I received included the following:

  • Watercolor
  • Crochet
  • ANY crafts 🙂
  • Creating SVG designs

So……now what you ask.  What am I going to do with this information? (laughing) Time for designing some classes for my followers, friends and family.  It has been over ten years since I’ve taught a watercolor class or any other kind of class.  WOW – that makes me feel old (guess that’s what happens when you do a major career change from art to higher education and wait til you retire to return to what you love). 

For myself, the challenge and regenerating is going to be educating others and still learning as I go of new ways to teach, getting to know my clients, and hopefully filling a gap in other’s lives. Teaching has always been so rewarding for me in an intimate, small setting.  It allows others to take time for themselves. It doesn’t matter if what they are doing isn’t a masterpiece, it is the journey. Are you getting ready for a new journey?

Well, time to begin developing and creating! It has been almost six months since my injury and rehab.  IT IS TIME to get back in the saddle and grow.  Come along on the journey with me.

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Crocheting Fingers

Well it was one of those weekends! It was the anniversary of my mom’s passing – 12 years and I was missing her.  So….what do I do to get out of my funk?  Crochet of course!

Really, it was something that kept my fingers moving, accomplish something that my daughter needed, and also allowed a little meditation time.  Don’t you need that too once in a while – Of course you do.

So…….my daughter has been talking about a messy bun hat for a year and hasn’t  had time to make one with her new little one.  I jumped on Pinterest and found some great free patterns.  The first one I did was pretty simple.  What I like the most of this was that it had a fold over brim.  I also found this site that many of you might enjoy! Its Naztzia.  The creator offers free patterns in knitting and crochet.  Here is the link to the pattern I used for my first hat.

The second hat I did in a variegated yarn and it did not require a pony tail elastic as the first one did. This one I found at Yarn Ballin It was named Katniss Messy Bun Hat Pattern.  The site requires that you enroll with your email.  The pattern is free and very easy to follow.

Both hats took me an evening each and they were not difficult to complete. My daughter gets one and another lucky girl will get the other to get through our Michigan winter. Have you created bun hats or pony tail hats?  Share them with us.